Heartstopper’s Kit Connor Reveals ‘Fat Crush’ on This Rom-Com Icon

Kit Connor may not want to talk about his sexuality with fans, but he had no problems chatting about a celebrity crush — Hugh Grant.

The Heartstopper star went on about his love of Notting Hill during a recent appearance at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, recounting how the film came up in conversation with his co-star, Joe Locke.

The two had been told to just start making conversation while posing for pictures for the show, and Connor’s mind immediately went to one of his favorite actors, Hugh Grant.

“So I started talking about Notting Hill and he says…that he hasn’t seen Notting Hill,” he said.

Connor also called Notting Hill one of his favorite movies and told those in attendance, “Honestly, I have like such a fat crush on Hugh Grant.”

Heartstopper fans haven’t been able to get enough of this cast, and hearing Connor talk so openly about loving a rom com, crushing on Hugh Grant, and just getting excited about the things he likes went over really well.

Connor has previously expressed gentle frustration with fans speculating about his sexuality, and said that pressing young actors for answers before they’re ready isn’t ideal.

“For me, I just feel like I’m perfectly confident and comfortable with my sexuality, but I don’t feel the need to really, I’m not too big on labels and things like that. I’m not massive about that and I don’t feel like I need to label myself, especially not publicly,” he said.

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