Heartstopper’s adorable snow scene named ‘best musical moment’ at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

Heartstopper scooped the ‘best musical moment’ award at the MTV Movie and TV Awards last night (Sunday 5 June) for ‘Dance with Me’.

The Beabadoobee track features in the second episode of Netflix’s hit show based on Alice Oseman’s web comics about high schoolers falling in love. The scene sees the friendship and relationship between Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson (Joe Locke and Kit Connor respectively) grow as they play in the snow. 

It’s an adorable scene and the award is a good reason to watch it again. Not like we needed a reason anyway!

The show’s executive producer, Patrick Walters, previously spoke to Attitude about creating the playlist to the show. He said there was a lot of back and forth between himself and Alice as she was writing the scripts.

“A lot of the time we found ourselves WhatsApp-ing tracks to each other being like, ‘Oh my God, this reminds me of this moment between Charlie and Nick or this reminds me of Tara in episode six'”. 

Of the 34 songs on Heartstopper’s Official Mixtape playlist on Spotify, roughly half are by queer artists, including Beabadoobee, which Walters explained was intentional.

“That is so baked into every facet of Heartstopper, from the crew to the cast to the music acts in the playlist, we were always pushing for LGBTQ+ artists.

“One of the joys of selecting music for the show has been in our relationships with artists like Baby Queen, who are just so inspiring to us in how they go out and break the mould in the industry. We never wanted lots of really established acts in the playlist, we wanted to spotlight emerging queer pop musicians that we loved.”

The show also led to a massive boost in sales and streams for the artists featured on the playlist with some songs seeing a 500 percent plus increase in sales.

Check out the playlist below.

Via Attitude

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