Have You Ever: Ripped Someone’s Clothes Off?

In the heat of passion, it’s not entirely unheard of for a few buttons to pop off a shirt, as your partner rushes to get you naked. You know that small rip in the crotch of your pants? He might decide that it takes too much time to worry about zippers and all that jazz. Then it might become a very big hole for his dick (or yours) to poke through. Let’s just hope they were cheap pants…

Personally, I’ve never literally ripped anyone’s clothes off, but the idea has always intrigued me. How hot would it be to rip apart some dude’s schlumpy tighty whities and bury your face in his ass? Maybe even keep them on, use them for leverage whilst ramming him on all fours… Have any of you ever done anything like this? Share your story in the comments!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Straight Fraternity

To find out why the above picture is relevant, follow the JUMP:

Wait for it…

BAM! Derrick rips a hole and starts fucking.

…And then he cums on this dude’s face.

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9 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Ripped Someone’s Clothes Off?

  1. My bf was a swimmer in college and once while we were making out I turned him around and ripped a hole in his speedos and just went to town.  Still together so my rippage skills paid off.

  2. My boyfriend and I were in Puerto Vallarta at a club with this hottie we met there and hooked up with. The other guy tried to get my boyfriend to go dance and grabbed the sides of his jeans to pull him towards the dancefloor. Instead he completely ripped open the side seams of his jeans haha.

  3. Popping off a few buttons or ripping a shirt off can happen REAL easy hehe ūüėČ

    But the pics of the guy getting fucked through a hole in his jeans just looks stupid. LOL

  4. I have always wanted to do that! I got really close in my last hookup (I ended up leaving his shirt hanging around his neck) but in the end you never know how expensive an item of clothing is lol.

  5. holy fuck yes I have, and yes it can be one damn hot part of a scene…..ripping briefs and fuckign a guy through them (taking time to rip open the crotch so he can grab his piece as well) is a hot scene……though I will usually ask something like “this shirt/underwear/tuxedo meana ¬†lot to you?” If they say no, well…..riiiiiiiiiiiiiip……..

  6. Ripping a pair of¬†tighty whities¬†2 get N 2 his love canal ¬†has always been a turn on 2 me but sometimes the go slow approach¬† (¬† removing all the clothes ) can be quite sexual¬†as well¬† 4 I am a strong believer¬†N that old theory that ¬†good things¬† CUM¬† 2 those who wait …….¬†

  7. YEA Had a fuckbuddy over one night and we were in the driveway..he pushed me over the bonnet of his car and found a small hole in my jeans..which he ripped open giving him access to my underwear that was then ripped open to reveal my ass for him to use as he wanted. He fucked me deep and hard (just as I like it)as my cock rubbed on the bonnet of his car, I blew a load all over the car as he blew a load in me… Was one of the hottest fucks ..mmm

  8. Ripping clothes off can be very fun…but also a little problematic. Those elastic bands in shorts don’t just rip apart so it’s a good idea to have scissors handy for that part…or just leave the poor guy laying in a pool of cum with his shredded drawers around his ass. ¬†You know, whatever works.

  9. I’ve ripped off a few t-shirts and had a few ripped off me, easy enough, but most memorable was the athlete who popped the button of my jeans and wrecked the zipper in his haste to get inside…

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