Have You Ever: Had Rug Burn After Sex?

RUGBURN! is a movie about the most perfect porn stars ever (with the exception of Jamie) having aggressive, sweaty man-sex on rugs. While it’s unlikely that the stars experienced any frictional abrasions whilst filming—they’re too damn beautiful for that shit—we’re going to ignore that fact for the purposes of this discussion.

So what do you say? Have you ever experienced rug burn from too much sex on the floor? More importantly, are you just going to ignore this question and jerk off to these pictures of Heath Jordan, Lawson Kane, Race Cooper, Shay Michaels, Jesse Santana, Damien Stone, Trent Locke & Tyler Hunt? It’s okay if the answer to that question is “yes”. We don’t blame you.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Raging Stallion

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832 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Had Rug Burn After Sex?

  1. Never gotten rug-burn from the carpet during sex, though not for lack of trying.

    There was a time me and the guy I was with had had sex on the carpet and LOOKED like we were rug burned from the neck down.  I think we got saved from the ACTUAL rug-burn by the copious amounts of cat hair, but all the damage we did directly to each other.

  2. This movie is very hot and sexy as hell. My dick is throbbing and my hole is itching for a good ram session.

  3. I almost thought this mean carpet-burned by that thick coverage of chest hair. And I wouldn’t mind that kind of carpet burn :).

    Why is there a guy putting his dick into a copier?

  4. why do these “actors” always have baseball caps on (back to front even) and sports shoes? do they take off their clothes then put footwear back on? LOL

  5. “most perfect” and “too damn beautiful”?!? really??? tyler hunt is the only hot one in the group. they have have nice builds and cocks, but really, they are far from perfect

  6. Yeah I have. AND I even broke my foot during a trick one time.  The guy wanted a 50-50 (1/2 load in his ass and 1/2 in his mouth). I released the back half and jumped around to give him the other half and slammed my foot against his coffee table.  Two hours later realized it was swelling and turned black and blue.  LOL  Sad part, he was a lousy fuck!

  7. Oh i’ve had a few rug burn romps in my day.  I didn’t feel a thing for awhile, but after some good natured fucking the burning on my knees, and elbows reminded me  that maybe having sex on the floor isn’t a good idea.  I’d do it again, but this time make sure that i do things differently.  The only pain given is a Bottom’s hole being used good.  Feel the burn.

  8. I have but worse than that was sand burn … fucked a guy on waikiki beach … pulled into a neighborhood and found a quiet dark path, both stripped down, tried to use a beachtowel but fucking him felt like sandpaper … yes, I did finish the job … no pain no gain 🙂

  9. was the intent of this movie supposed to look like a throw back to porn videos decades ago? or was the scene/set budget non-existant? im confused… cheaply made… or just poor quality…?

  10. Yea I’ve gotten scraped knees, elbows, hips and shoulder blades.  Stings like a bastard for days but reminded me of great sex so I got hard again anyhow.

  11. REALLY tired of the porn “formula” that black seems to always fuck white……Some of us like it the other way around! 😉

  12. I’ve never gotten Rug burn from a rug but, I had a boyfriend who’s butt hair was so course that it made my cock swelled up like an ballpark frank every time I fucked him 😉  But, that’s not why he’s not my boyfriend anymore ;-)lol

  13. Better believe it. My preference is black and latino guys. It’s not all the skin color. It’s also the fact that they’re almost always better built and more open and ready for sex that the majority of white guys, although lately that percentage seems to be evening out. Probably 80% of the guys I’ve had sex with were “black” although “mixed” is  more accurate. And at least 60% of these guys want to be topped or are versatile.

  14. just the person i was looking for!!

    i was about to say how hot you were (and how glad i was to see you topping heath jordan, over there!)!

    i saw your picture in the “popular demand” collage, so i searched out the post you might have been in.

    lucky me!

    most definitely keep doing more scenes, lawson — i look forward to beating my meat to them.


  15. Both elbows, both knees, both ankles or feet and both butt cheeks–and once on shoulders and both nipples.  Aloe or cocoa butter to soothe after.  Always irritating for a few days, but nowhere near as bad as the rash a friend got from fucking his partner in the woods in poison-ivy.   And always with fucking memories…

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