Flashback Friday: Bo Richards & Jeff Scott

Our Flashback Friday series wouldn’t exist without the good folks at Retro Men Plus. Seriously, if you’re a fan of vintage gay pornography, you need to start following those guys immediately. We get absolutely nothing out of endorsing them. They’re just that good.

Last night, they sent out these scans from a 1981 Nova film entitled The Main Attraction. The flick stars Bo Richards as a horny bartender who notices that his patron Jeff Scott is eye-fucking the hell out of him… So, um, then they actually fuck.

We like that both of these men are handsome in that squeaky-clean late ’70s or early ’80s sitcom kind of way. They could have been extras on Happy Days or something. While Richie and the Fonz were chilling at Arnold’s, they’d be at the pub across the street deepthroating, fucking and licking spunk off their fingers. Right?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Nova Films

To check out Bo Richards and Jeff Scott in action, follow the JUMP:

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13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Bo Richards & Jeff Scott

  1. These guys just reinforce why I think Flashback Friday is my favorite feature on this website.

    The last 2 pics before the cum shots are my favs (1 color, 1 B&W).  Jeff looks like he’s loving that big cock up his ass and Bo may just have the perfect body.  Seriously–there’s not a thing about him I would change.

  2. I have this video too.  Last weeks flashback was like the second installment on THE MAIN ATTRACTION.  It was a clip video with 4? unrelated episodes to it. They were all super hot(for no dialogue-just funky music).

  3. Ahh, there’s nothing like this vintage porn.  Made before Viagra, manscaping, and spray tans. These were real men, who got off with real men.  Raw, and before there was any worry about barebacking.  That word did not even exist at that time.  Cher sings is best “if I could turn back time”  m m m m m  

  4. A great reminder as to why Classic Men from the Golden Age made men’s  pulses race!

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