Have You Ever: Been To A Sex Party?

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Yes, I've been to a group sex party. Hell, I've been to five or six of them. Although this probably doesn't surprise you, it might shock you to hear that I've never been able to get into the "group" aspect of them. Without fail, I've consistently paired off with one guy and retreated to a corner or empty bedroom.

This has led to some awkward circumstances on more than one occasion. Once, I was making out with a cutie against the wall, when this muscle dude getting fucked on the bed inched over and shoved my cock in his mouth! I felt weird asking him to stop sucking me off, so this didn't end until he shot a huge load (that hit my foot) and looked up to say "thank you".

And that's just one of my stories! You'll have to wait for another day to hear about the sexy daddy who moaned wildly as I rammed him in front of an audience of ten. Right now, I'm more interested in hearing your experiences. Have you ever been to a sex party? And if so, what was it like?

– Dewitt

10 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Been To A Sex Party?

  1. Yes, I’ve been to a few as well. Like a lot of things sexually related, it’s hit or miss. Most have just been ok, one or two were really bad and only one was just awesome. That one was a pool party last summer with 15 hot guys and a lot of fucking. But that’s the exception, rather than the rule.

  2. The best sex party I’ve every been to was last year. It was a Treasure Island sponsored BB party at a bar during IML.
    It is very common for me to hook up with only one guy at a sex party or a bath house. When you find someone you like why is quantity necessarily better than quality?

  3. Yeah, I’ve been to quite a few. Some are really hot, and some are lame. I’ve got a friend who likes to be the only bottom at a gang bang, and when he bottoms, the parties are awesome!!

  4. Yes been to a sex party before. Got fucked by alot of guys one night and had cum dripping down my legs….was pretty fucking hot

  5. Sex parties are like 3 ways. Sometimes they work but most of the time they don’t. It just depends who shows up.

  6. yes i went to many and most of them was very hot; but the best one is when i went to the black party in NYC and the steamworks(bath house)in Chicago.

  7. a buddy and i threw sex parties monthly for about a year. they were hot, lots of sex, fun, and afterwards many of the guys hung out and talked. great times

  8. I’ve gone to about six. Kissing, jacking, sucking mostly, but some fucking went on. Of course not everyone there is going to be “your type”. I gravitated toward just a few of the studs I liked. The older or heavy set guys seemed to want to squeeze in. The last time I saw a bottom take on 8 bb tops while I found some safe fun with another. Men4sexnow.com is set up for members to post and host and choose who gets invited.

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