Follow Friday: @Beefymuscle

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Luke claims to be a "shy guy", but you'd never guess that by browsing through his Twitter page. Under his alter-ego of @Beefymuscle, he dishes out enough dirty talk to make your mother blush. Hell, you may even blush yourself as he sends you a tweet about hitting your prostate with his big, curved cock.

Oh, and did I mention that he's a bit of an exhibitionist? There's hardly a day that goes by without him posting a pic of his delicious fuck-stick. One of Luke's ultimate fantasies is to sleep with a porn star, and it'd be a sin if this happened without cameras rolling. Can someone please fly him over from the UK for a scene or two?

– Dewitt

To check out some dick pics, follow the JUMP:










7 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @Beefymuscle

  1. Dewitt at last U post a beefy muscle guy ( With no reference 2 bears ) and I don’t have the urge 2 barf !!! Keep up the HOT PICKS !!

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