Guy Ritchie’s New Gal Pal!

Guy Ritchie and Kelly Reilly

We’ve all heard the rumors that Madonna is dating A-Rod, but what about Guy Ritchie? Is he at home crying? Nope! According to US Weekly, Guy is getting cozy with 31 year old British actress Kelly Reilly who is starring in his upcoming movie Sherlock Holmes.

Hmmm…do celebrities even take the time to reflect and get over the other person before they start dating again? Apparently not. Anyways, Guy’s new gal is younger, somewhat cuter, but is definitely no Madonna.

– Andy

One thought on “Guy Ritchie’s New Gal Pal!

  1. Please post photos of Guy nude so we can verify if sizemeat is truly present!
    Also, please photoshop out that icky fish’ photo!

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