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Paul Canon’s body is addictive. Just ask Ashton McKay. NextDoor newcummer Jackson Traynor is about to be sprung.

Paul strips him out of his jeans and remarks how great Jackson looks naked, instantly sucking him off before flipping him over to eat his ass. In between, Jackson shows he knows how to handle a dick, giving Paul some sloppy head before sucking on his balls and licking his taint.

Jackson may be new around these parts, but he’s no virgin! Also, he’s not want to just lie down and take it. He gives as good as he gets!

Paul is pleased so far but wants to test drive Jackson’s virgin ass, plunging his cock deep inside the newbie and slowly fucking him from behind. Jackson takes the dick like a champ before flipping over and proving he can give as well as he takes, pile driving Paul from up above and fucking the cum out of him before pulling out and dousing his face with a healthy rookie load. As Paul wipes the jizz out of his eyes, he realizes he’ll be seeing a lot more of Jackson in the future.

I hope so! NextDoor is offering a three-day trial membership for $1! Let’s see – can of soda vs. hours of porn. That’s a tough one. Click here to get the $1 deal!

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