Gay Ass Gossip: Kathy Griffin Gets Spicy

ITEM – It’s the Old Spice Guy! Who doesn’t love him? Word on the firecrotch is that Kathy Griffin might be letting Old Spice Guy (real name Isaiah Mustafa) explore her blazing comedy cavern.  Kathy doesn’t love Manhunt, but we still think she’s swell and appreciate how she’s been with all sorts of penis. Fer’ instance, her last public boyfriend was burly genius Steve Wozniak. And now she’s getting some from television commercial favorites!  She just spins that Wheel of Dick, and gets with whoever she lands on that will show up to play! (Yeah, we know this is a stunt but he’s got a nice body.)

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Famed fashion designer John Galliano is in deep shit with his bosses over at The House of Dior. Channel your Miranda Priestley and dive into this one. Galliano reportedly got into a verbal brawl with a couple in a Paris bar last night. Unfortunately, word is that he dropped a few Mel Gibsons into the mix and got all anti-Semitic. As a result, Dior has suspended him from his duties. And this is right before Paris Fashion Week. For you butch queens, that’s basically the World Series of clothes. Other sources dispute the Jew-hating part, and say that he merely insulted the woman’s purse after she refused to toast with him. THAT we can get behind. Girl, get your accessories in check, this is Paris. Btw, that isn’t Galliano in the pic. That’s one of his models. Galliano looks like a fancy lady from Versailles!

ITEM – Glee‘s Chord Overstreet was spotted at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game hanging with country starlet Taylor Swift. Ugh, that’s a lot of blonde. Swifty just got out of a contract relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. So she’s available. And Chord has the time to date, it’s not like they do much with him on Glee except as boner material. Best of luck to them. Remember, two pretties make gross babies. Just a thought.

ITEM – Below is the teaser trailer for The Hangover II. Yeah, whoever crafted this mess made it look like some straight-to-DVD. Dismal. But it’s still an excuse to post a pic of Bradley Cooper shirtless. So there’s that.

1,233 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Kathy Griffin Gets Spicy

  1. The gossip column is a mixed up bag this week. The best part is the model from Galliano. You would have just put him on here with a few more pic. Some dick or ass would have been great.

  2. Yet another awesome column from the mind of J. Harvey, Keep up the good work. It took me a little while to get past that mouth on Chord Overstreet, (it looks a bit like Steve Tyler and Mick Jagger had a freakishly pretty baby) I have sense gotten past that and realized that it is big enough to fit my dick and balls at the same time. I’m getting a bit tired of Bradley Cooper, I still enjoy him shirtless, but I think he is a bit overrated, unless of course he is shirtless. Kathy Griffin… Jesus WHO would touch her? I wouldn’t fuck her with J. Harvey’s dick.

  3. So lets see the last gossip column you wrote Cuteman43… Can you do any better?…. Hmmm guess not. I thought the worst part of this column was the Galliano model. It is a gossip column, not a place to see dick and ass shots, I think you can get enough of that online already.

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