Gasp! Perez Hilton Has Ghostwriters?

Perez Hilton
I'm sorry to kill your boners by posting a picture of Perez Hilton, but Gossip Sauce has just fueled my suspicion that dear ol' Mario Lavenderia has little to do with the content on his site nowadays. According to them, Perez has hired three writers to produce content. Why? So Perez can do really important things like appear in film gems such as Degrassi Goes Hollywood and Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

I've heard that at least two of Perez Hilton's minions are his mother and his sister. If this is true, I'm a little jealous. I wish my mom were cool enough to turn Flo Rida's microphone into a penis via MSPaint! On second thought…
– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “Gasp! Perez Hilton Has Ghostwriters?

  1. I’ll be glad when his fifteen minutes are up. Anyone who gets famous by badly painting cum drops on celebrities proves that Paris Hilton is not, in fact, as low as a human can sink.

  2. i think perez is a poser who is bitter gossip queer but who can act funny and all in another gay movie sequal gays gone wild!!!!!!!!

  3. That picture makes me weep for the future.
    I also get the strange inkling that the dog is actually stuffed. Either that or it is simply still alive and thinking “Kill me. Please.”
    As for the Another Gay Movie series… you dudes sponsored the first one! 🙂

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