Anderson Prata Looks Sexy in His Swimwear

Anderson Prata
When we say that Anderson Prata looks sexy in his swimwear, we literally mean his swimwear. Prata isn't just the spokesperson for Element(o)s Brazil underwear and Oceans swimwear… he's also the designer! 
Above, you can see him showing off his assets (as a designer, of course) in a suit from his new tribal collection. I just wish he was part of the package when you ordered a pair of these trunks. Yum!
– Dewitt
For some more sexy pictures of Prata in his designs, follow the JUMP:

Anderson Prata
Anderson Prata

2 thoughts on “Anderson Prata Looks Sexy in His Swimwear

  1. Very nice! A sexy hottie, in sexy underwear no less. Love his body, and he fills out the underwear nicely! Maybe we can see some smaller cuts later on.

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