Fuck Your Facebook Friends.

Beyond the world of Manhunt, we all have a Facebook friend (or seventeen of them) who we want to pin down, strip naked and bang until the morning comes. Guypop is a new, free web service that helps you skip the awkward “more than friends” chat and move on to the significantly more interesting “your place or mine?” chat. Here’s how it works:

1) You take your pretty ass to Guypop.com and connect your Facebook profile. Don’t worry! They’re not going to post anything on your profile (or anyone else’s) without your permission. It’s 100% discreet, bro.

2) The site will pull up a list of your male friends. There are going to be some people you definitely aren’t interested in here (relatives, coworkers, straight guys, ex-boyfriends). You can instantly hide anyone who doesn’t apply by clicking the “X” button on their photo. There are going to be some people you definitely are interested in here (attractive dudes, charming dudes, straight guys, ex-boyfriends). Those are the people you select for your “more than friends” list.

3) Guys you selected will NOT be notified that you’re interested. Guypop will take your secret to the grave…

4) Unless there’s mutual interest! If your Facebook friend clicks that he’s also interested in you on Guypop, both parties will receive an e-mail about the match.

5) Then you figure it out from there. Do you go out for dinner first? Make a sex date? Play the cat and mouse game until you see one another at a party and go home together? At this point, it’s your prerogative. Do what you’ve got to do.

Obviously, in order for a concept like this to work, people have to know about it and use it… So spread the word! If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the sake of my penis. He wants to be inside way too many of my Facebook friends, and he feels weird telling them upfront.

– Dewitt

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