Former Teacher and WWE Wrestler Matt Striker Gives Us A Naked Lesson

Matt Striker
Thanks to Tabloid Prodigy, we got our eyes on some naked pictures of WWE wrestler and former teacher Matt Striker. This is definitely better eye candy than those Pride Pro Wrestling boys…
I haven't watched wrestling since the days of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, so is there a reason that no one has told me about this beefy god known as Matt Striker? The whole teacher and wrestler thing doesn't really help my raging erection either. I mean, think of all the role play you could get into! 
But I digress. Why fantasize about this guy's dick when you can come as close as possible to having it in your face right now? What are you waiting for?

Oh, have we mentioned we love naked atheletes?

– Dewitt
To check out Matt Stiker's nudes, follow the JUMP:

Matt Striker
Matt Striker
Matt Striker
Matt Striker
Matt Striker
Matt Striker

17 thoughts on “Former Teacher and WWE Wrestler Matt Striker Gives Us A Naked Lesson

  1. why do you always say its a certain star and yet you show a face pic then when u show the cock its just that a cock?? no way to prove it who u say it is !!!! dewitt don’t be a twitt

  2. Sweetie, I think you’re getting played. Some of those pictures might be of Striker – I have no way of knowing. But the last two pictures are of a different cock than the first one.

  3. I think it’s the same penis, you can see the circumcision scar on all of the pics… you gotta account for lighting and angles and different camera used.
    But who cares? He’s a handsome fucker even with clothes on… sexy as hell!

  4. Will, nobody in their right mind would completely perfectly replicate the enviroment he’s in just to make him look like he has a thick dick.

  5. I believe it’s the same, hardwood floors, the computer layout is the same, it’s just from a different angle, and the ironing board is the same hanging on the door.
    And he’s hot, nice cock

  6. If you go to the Tabloid Prodigy site it says that they aren’t even sure that the pics are all of him.
    But it is still a nice dick.

  7. Nice! Please find us pics of wrestling’s super-stud Randy Orton. Now that’s a REALLY hot man!

  8. I’m loving it. Or, more accurately, I’d like to be loving it. Or is it that, I’d love to be loving it?

  9. It looks like the same dick. The first one was just in the mirror.
    Either way, super hot. I need to start watching wrestling again. Still can’t figure out why straight guys like it.

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