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Kelly Rowland, photo shoot, silly

We spent the majority of last summer blasting Kelly Rowland and David Guetta's hit within our corner of Manhunt headquarters. The song proved our dear Kelendria has the ability to step out of Beyonce's shadow, and we sense it's only the beginning of her takeover. Trust us… this bitch ain't no Florence Ballard!

If you're itching to keep tabs on Ms. Kelly, be sure to follow her page on Twitter, @KELLYROWLAND. You can be a firsthand witness, as she escapes Matthew Knowles' terrible management and evolves into the superstar she's always been destined to become. I mean, have you heard the clip of her new single "Commander"? Sounds like she'll have another international dance hit!

Speaking of hits, you should "hit us up" (as the kids are saying these days) on our Twitter pages–@Manhunt and @DewittDaily. Otherwise, you might miss out on a whole lot of hotness!

– Dewitt

To hear a preview of Kelly's new single "Commander", follow the JUMP:

35 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @KELLYROWLAND

  1. If only Beyonce could bust out of her fathers control. She could do so much better than she does, and I still find her to be one of the better performers/song writers/singers we currently have. I vote for a reunion song between these two ladies!

  2. funny, Destiny’s child still has another release before their contract is up. It’s been some speculation whether they would reunite or just put out some greatest hits shit. I think she can’t establish her own identity because what’s the first word that pops up during any talk of Kelly? Beyonce. It’s been mentioned 3 times already. lol.

  3. I have always thought that Kelly was a better singer than Beyonce…and she is more likeable. I hope she finds some success now that she has dumped B’s corrupt daddy…..

  4. Yes, finally another song that will blow up at the clubs!!! I have liked Kelly since the beginning. I then saw that she really did have talent when she came out with her first solo cd, and then when she teamed up with David Guetta. She has found her true calling. Can’t wait to see her perform at one of our local clubs here.

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