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A controversial new blog called Porn Stars Exposed has recently surfaced, and its main goal is to "name and shame" the "assholes" of the gay porn industry. However, it's not all full of negativity. The author of the site also seeks to highlight stars who are especially good to their fans.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, the blog just published a post entitled "The Well Liked And Unliked Twitter Porn Stars". We're not sure if we can completely agree with the list, considering that a few of our favorite studs wound up on the "Unliked" side of things. But with that said, we obviously agreed on a few things. The top two in the "Liked" category–Michael Brandon and Colby Keller–have both appeared in Manhunt Daily's Follow Friday series.

In third place was none other than hairy hunk Dillon Buck, who we've now resolved to stalk follow more closely in the future. He doesn't post nearly enough pictures of his curved and delicious cock, but he makes up for it with a whole lot of personality. Also, he's British and calls people "mate". We find that extremely sexy for some reason.

While you're clicking that follow button for Dillon, don't forget to add us as well–@Manhunt and @DewittDaily. We promise not to tweet you too hard… unless you like it. In which case, we'll tweet you harder than you've ever been tweeted before.

– Dewitt

To see Dillon in action with Robbie Rivers, follow the JUMP:

Dillon Buck, Robbie Rivers, UK Naked Men












4 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @DillonBuck

  1. I cannot believe that they have Steven Diagle as the Number 1 on the dislike list. Steven post tons of carp on his facebook page and twitter. And if you meet him in person he is a supersweet guy. They are crazy

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