Flopping Around on the Ground Isn’t Going to Make You Straight

When will people get that being gay is something you can't cure. Here's a video of man who is trying to get rid of the "gay demon" inside of him by exorcism. The husband and wife team of Patricia and Kelvin Mckinney are attempting to exorcise the homosexual spirit that is within the young man.

At around 5:02, you can clearly hear Patricia say, "You Homosexual spirit, we call you out!" Hmm… that lady does NOT want that homosexual spirit to come out of that young man. If it does come out, she'd better be ready–who knows what he might do. He might just bust out the choreography for "Singles Ladies." I don't think she can handle that.

Now, I'm no expert in exorcism but acting all limp and flopping around like a fish out of water isn't going to "cure" him from being gay. I mean I've seen the movie The Exorcist and that scared the shit out of me. In all seriousness though, I really don't know what to say. Hopefully people will learn that being gay is something that can not be controlled. We're born with it.

– Andy

For part 2 of the video, follow the JUMP:

5 thoughts on “Flopping Around on the Ground Isn’t Going to Make You Straight

  1. OMG! I so want to go to one of these revivals with a whole bunch of fellow homos so we can too can flop on the floor in laughter.

  2. This is funny as HELL (no pun intended). As a person who used to work for churches like that, I agree; flopping around on the floor will not make this man straight. What I find to be strange is that in those religions, they believe that GOD has preordained everything before we were born but YET they say that prayer, and exorcism (which isnt a term they would use in that kind of church) has the power to change a person; I find this theory to be contradictory and I think the whole laying of the hands, speaking in tounges, and flopping around on the floor is a cop out. Just let the man be gay!

  3. Would anyone be surprised if the “gay” man was paid or in on it?
    There was a news special a few years ago that investigated these public “exorcisms” and found that the pastors and others involved had small ear pieces to get instructions from someone behind the curtain.
    I am shocked that people blindly believe in this stuff. Check out Bill Maher’s Religulous. Now the people in that movie are scarier than The Exorcist.

  4. exorcisms are over enthusiastic adrenaline rushes seeding from a shade of slim hope.
    but in WoW, it’s just plain OP since they’re gonna make it pvp viable again >.>

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