Flashback Friday: Matt Forde

There’s no denying Matt Forde looks like a parody of a hipster workout tape. However, you may be surprised to learn this photo set isn’t a secret ad for American Apparel sweatbands and booty shorts. It actually showed up in a 1981 magazine spread entitled “Blond Adonis”.

We’re not sure if there’s a difference between a regular mustache and a pornstache, but this guy is definitely rocking the latter of the two options. Although his overly serious expressions may be a little comical, you’ve got to love his natural, hairy body! Or you could choose to not love it. We’re not judging or anything…

– Dewitt

To check out more pictures of Matt Forde, follow the JUMP:

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A bonus photo set:

(via Retro Men Plus)

15 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Matt Forde

  1. wow, so many ways to go with this, but i think i best leave it alone, lol…btw, is that insulation being used in the “snow” shots??

  2. wow,blast from the past.I can almost hear , are you ready for the eighties ,by the village people playing in the background ,lol

  3. Having been around from BEFORE the eighties, [I’m 64] this set seems to ring some bells, in my distant memory. “Porn” was banned in South Africa at that time, so the few mags or videos that did get smuggled in by gay friends or aquaintances, were shared and copied, until everyone had their own. The “Muscle” mags were allowed, so were very popular. I remember the pics with the guys wearing thongs were particular favourites!
    It might be an idea to mention: “Where are THEY now?” as part of the flash-back.

  4. This goes back to the mustache debate the other day….If I cannot see your upper lip due to your excessively long mustache hair…it ain’t sexy!! And you probably get food particles in it all the time 🙁

  5. Headbands, cheezy mustaches and coiffed hair. What, no leg warmers? Thank God the 80s are just a memory.

  6. this guy is a good looking dude. Sad though because if he did porn nowadays he’d be shaved smooth mustache and all into a twink.

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