My Five Favorite Scenes: Jesse Jackman

Jesse Jackman is a seasoned performer and…you know in a gladiator movie where his opponent comes stomping out from the shadows? And he’s this giant mountain of a man that fairly DRIPS with sexy? And you know the hero’s going to get his ass kicked? Yes, I usually side with the villains. That’s JESSE. He’s a MOUNTAIN of a man with a GIANT cock and LOADS of fuck prowess! Former “My Five Favorite Scenes” feature Dirk Caber suggested I hit up his partner (yes, they’re partners – the SEX they must have) Jesse for his five! And I’m so glad I did. Check em’ out!

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Here are my five — okay, six — favorite scenes, in (more or less) chronological order:

1. Surveillance with Hunter Marx ( — This was my first ever scene as a porn actor! I was nervous as hell, but my scene partner (Hunter Marx) was already a friend of mine, and he and the entire TitanMen crew helped me feel an amazing blend of excitement and ease. When people ask me what filming porn is like, I always say it’s “rewarding,” and I’ve never felt that more strongly than after this scene… not to mention the fact that it was a lot of fun. Tim and I were even nominated for “Hottest Duo” at the 2012 Grabby Awards! I’m really proud of my first effort, and it remains one of my favorite scenes to this day.

2. Incubus 2 with Christopher Daniels ( and Caught in the Act: A Joe Gage Chronicle with Jessy Ares ( — I’m grouping these two scenes together, because in each case I got a rare chance to work with a uniquely celebrated director: François Sagat (Incubus 2) and Joe Gage (Caught in the Act). Despite, or perhaps because of, their legendary industry statuses, both men were really laid back and easy to work with. Let’s face it: with cred like theirs, they could’ve been dicks if they wanted to be. On the contrary, they took the time to explain their respective visions and made my co-stars and I feel really comfortable. It was a joy working with each of them, and I hope to again someday.

3. Loud and Nasty with Dirk Caber ( — Paul Wilde, the director of TitanMen’s Rough line, had been encouraging me to shoot a fetish film for a while, but I’d been resistant. I’m actually a pretty vanilla sort of guy, to be honest! But I eventually agreed, on one condition: that I film it with my boyfriend (now fiancé) Dirk Caber. And what a scene it was! I have a natural fear of electricity, so we decided to conquer that fear by filming a scene full of electro-play. I even used a taser for the first time! The final edit ended up being 53 minutes long… an eternity in porn. Dirk and I have filmed together for TitanMen three more times since then, but as they say, “there’s nothing quite like your first.”

4. Motel Muscle with Rogan Richards ( — Rogan and I had just finished filming a scene together for Jasun Mark’s comic-noir epic Dick Danger (which has a sequel in the works, by the way), and we hit it off so well that we decided to film a scene of our own for his website a couple of weeks later. It was amazing. We rented a trashy by-the-hour hotel room in midtown Manhattan — the kind that has porn already playing on the TV when you walk in — set up a couple of cameras, and dove in. It was dirty, sleazy, totally ridiculous, and oh so much fun.

5. Out! with Nick Prescott and Dallas Steele ( — Of all the work I’ve done with TitanMen over the past six years, this is the film I’m most proud of. Keith Webb, TitanMen’s VP, floated the idea with me of a sports-related coming out story… and by the way, would I be willing to star in it and help write the script? I poured my heart into that thing, drawing both from my personal experiences as a gay athlete (I’ve played rugby, hockey, and football) and from the real-life stories of professional baseball players like Glenn Burke and Billy Bean. Director Jasun Mark did a masterful job of bringing the story to life, and all of the actors were amazing in their roles… especially Dallas Steele, who used his skill as a real-life television newscaster to breathe a sense of realism into my character’s 11-minute “coming out” TV interview. (You can watch it for free at I’m honored and humbled to say that Out! recently won “Best Screenplay” at the 2017 Grabby Awards, and I couldn’t be more grateful that the guys at TitanMen let me help create a film which I’ll be beaming about for the rest of my life.

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