“Fire Island” trailer: Bowen Yang and Joel Kim booster star in pride & prejudice-inspired gay rom-com

The first trailer for upcoming gay rom-com Fire Island has been released.

The film – which is set to be released on US streaming service Hulu on 3 June – stars out gay US comedians Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang as two best friends who head to the iconic gay resort island in New York state with their eclectic group of friends for the summer.

Written by Booster, 34, Fire Island was inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and provides a long-overdue centring of queer Asian experiences on the big screen.

The raucous romantic comedy co-stars comedian Margaret Cho, How to Get Away with Murder’s Conrad Ricamora and You season two star James Scully.

The newly-released trailer sees sparks sees sparks fly between Booster’s character Noah and Ricamora’s uptight Will, while Bowen Yang’s Howie is seen falling (quite literally) for handsome doctor Charlie, played by Scully.

An official synopsis of Fire Island reads: “A group of queer best friends gather in the Fire Island Pines for their annual week of love and laughter, but a sudden change of events might make this their last summer in gay paradise.

“As they discover the romance and pleasures of the iconic island, their bonds as a chosen family are pushed to the limit.”

Fire Island is released in on 3 June on Hulu in the US, and will be available internationally on Disney+ later in 2022. Watch the trailer below:

Via Attitude

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