Falcon: Woody Fox And Jeremy Spreadums Suck Each Other Off

Woody Fox has that paperback romance cover hero look that moistens crotches on women and men. You just want to run your hair through his sexy locks. And then grip them hard, using them to impale his face on your cock. He’s hanging out in the woods, waiting for a wet and willing mouth to come along to suck his dick. Wouldn’t you know it – Jeremy Spreadums ambles by. This is the beej match-up of the decade!

As Woody strokes his cock invitingly, Jeremy emerges from the brush and cops a feel. They strip as they make out, and Jeremy falls to his knees to service Woody’s meat. With long strokes of his tongue, Jeremy spreads his thick spit up and down Woody’s long, curved shaft.

Don’t think that Woody doesn’t give as good as he gets!

Pulling down Jeremy’s shorts, Woody falls to his knees and gulps down Jeremy’s rod. As Woody’s lips pass over the sensitive tip of Jeremy’s cock, Jeremy’s bulging pecs and rippling abs flex in the forest light.

And back, and forth, and back and forth until the cum flows like a roaring river!

Sample more of the sluttery of Woody Fox and Jeremy Spreadums scandalizing the forest below. You can see more of this filthy forest fuckery here.

Michael Xavier

Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser below.








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