Facial Hair: Hot or Not?

Facial Hair Matrix
Some guys like a bit of scruff brushing against their neck. Some like a healthy beard buried deep in their ass cheeks. Some say "ouch" to the mere thought of either occurrence. Some are just against or for facial hair on a purely aesthetic basis. Where do you stand?
Holy Taco inspired us with a hilarious post entitled "What Your Facial Hair Really Says About You". Check it out and vote after the JUMP for your favorite style of facial hair (or lack thereof). Also, feel free to leave comments about your feelings on facial hair!
– Dewitt
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12 thoughts on “Facial Hair: Hot or Not?

  1. If really just all depends on the individual. My ex looked sexy with his facila hair but when he was clean shaven he looked like dork. And I look good clean shaven.I look like a criminal when I havent shaven and just plain scruffy. So it really is individual.

  2. Yeah…..Depends on the guy!
    My first choice is clean shaven……..next well trimmed……………..same down below 😉

  3. Clean shaven typically but there are some guys who are all the more sexy with a little facial hair going. Never been a fan of anything beyond a bit of scruff or a goatee though

  4. Agree that it depends on the man. I’ve always love men with moustaches, and wore one since I was 14 or 15. I also like the 3-day growth look, depending on the man. And if the beard is nicely shaped and trimmed, it can be hot.

  5. really depends on the guy and a whole host of factors.
    personally i look best when i’m clean shaven and i prefer to be clean shaven.
    But i like a guy with a mustache or five oclock shadow.

  6. I totally agree: it all depends on the guy. I think facial hair can be the hottest thing ever. I have also seen guys with facial hair that look TONS better without it.
    I wish I had the option but the only place I grow hair on my face is above and below my lips. A full beard I cannot grow. So you guys with the option be happy. Though, on the other hand, it is cool not having to shave in the morning like most.

  7. I agree with all of the above. I look like hell with facial hair, ie: beard. But I really love my moustache. I don’t care if it’s now being considered the 70’s porn star look. I keep mine well trimmed and within the confines of my lip line. Go with what you like guys!

  8. The chinstrap usually does it for me. When I see a hot latino sporting one of these, I go nuts.

  9. I have one problem that everyone tells me, when I shave I look like I am 24, which I agree since when I am clean shaven I get carded to do everything. Problem is I am 32!

  10. I’m not usually into big, scruffy beards, but otherwise, I totally dig facial hair. Either the Van Dyke or the three-day stubble is probably my fave, but as others have said, it often depends on the guy.

  11. I’m with Jimm. Facial hair can be incredibly sexy, but only if it’s right for the person wearing it. I think it’s like makeup—it should enhance and complement, not fight for attention.

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