Facebook! Coming to a Theater Near You!


I read on the internet today that the writer and produce of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin, will be writing and producing a Facebook movie.  The movie will revolve around it’s creator Mark Zuckerberg and how the social networking phenomenon became so popular today.  Aaron made this announcement on his official Facebook page and is currently in negotiations with the founders of Facebook.

Hmmm…this sounds like a flop in the making.  I mean the what is exciting about a movie about a social networking site?  Who will pay to see this?  Will the movie include how Mark allegedly stole the idea of Facebook from his Harvard classmates who hired him to work on their site, ConnectU?  I say they should include this because controversy always make things more interesting!!!  I think they should make a documentary instead, not a movie. 

Anyone plan on going to watch the movie?


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