Everything Butt: The Chef Hat


Considering that one of you deemed Jonathan Agassi as "too fat", it's blatantly clear that model BukBuddies Billy won't be everyone's cup of tea. Frankly, this guy probably wouldn't give a fuck. He'd choose a bottle of beer over tea any day. Plus, he may or may not be straight. Does that really stop me from staring at his beefy ass? Take a wild guess.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: BukBuddies

To check out Billy's ass, follow the JUMP:

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112 thoughts on “Everything Butt: The Chef Hat

  1. OMG – forget the queens that say he doesn’t have that perfect gym bod…that is REAL man meat! And he has that look of confidence = the ultimate turn on.
    Man, I’ll be thinking of that hot sweet set of cheeks buried right on my face, tongue and nose this evening for sure!!

  2. Mmm, the buns are hot. Can’t wait to get my mouth around that juicy brat, either.
    Yes, this is totally hot!

  3. Now THAT is a real man’s body!! No endless crunches, reps, or counting every single calorie that enters his body. He is in great natural shape. I would buy him a Big Mac anyday, so long as he provides the dessert.

  4. to be clear, I didn’t actually think the last guy was fat, I just enjoy setting fires beneath screeching queens. this guy tho, yes, lol.

  5. I tend to differ on this guy. I am sure a lot of peeps would love to be invited to his backyard bbq, but I fall on the other side of the spectrum.

  6. Finally, a real man. I’m sick of all the queens and skinny bitches, anyway. Love that rugby build.

  7. Ok, I am really not a fan. He kind of reminds me of uncooked bread dough. In all seriousness, there are beefy guys who are hot but if you look at his legs you can see that he’s supposed to be a great deal thinner. There is a world of difference between “natural” and “I completely let myself go.”

  8. Footnote: When did Big Macs become a dietary staple on the road to a natural body?! Seriously guys, I understand skipping the gym. (I don’t go myself. I jog a bit instead, but I’m not vain enough to spend an hour a day on the stairmaster.) But I would consider “natural” to be something like a 2500 callorie diet and a bit of moderate excercise. Not a gut.

  9. After reading many of the comments on several of these posts it appears the vast majority thinks we should all have less than 2% body fat to even be acceptable to live in this world. I know the internet allows for anonymity so you think it’s ok to make a snarky or catty comment every now and again. I do myself see the above post. I look toward my community to be open and accepting of people as they are. Are any of us perfect? Doubtful. We all have our flaws.
    Now I am not going to disagree a fit guy is sexy but so are bears and the like. As a guy with weight issues it would be nice if the community would support one another instead of bringing out the worst and placing that front and center. Last I checked obesity was the norm in the US culture and killing people everyday.

  10. mmm. That’s the kind of Man I’m talkin’ about fellas….MMM (now yeah, bend over a ….little…more…to the…MMM oh yeah, that’s good……) GRUNT

  11. WOOF! Thats a real man! Enough of the skinny twink and sterioded queens with no waists and more REAL MEN with meat on their bodies.

  12. Yeah really, so sick and tired of this damn roid queens knocking people who aren’t as perfectly sculpted as they are, geez shut the fuck up already! Variety is the spice of life and this boy is one hot dish! WOW the things I’d do him are still illegal in some states 😉

  13. OK, you all, I will volenter to adopt the young man at the grill. I believe he is one of the cutest young men I have seen in a very long time. I am truley in Lust with him. Getting married is not out of the question, Just make it soon, I am not getting any younger, and as you can see, I am just a little bit older than dirt. Don

  14. I actually think this guy is pretty hot… But I am also very biased when it comes to having a bubble butt attached to you. I am not getting the COMPLETE view but I do NOT think this guy is grossly overweight at all!

  15. yuck he is so fat!!!! nasty!!!! get him into a gym and stop him eating all the fried foods…
    You people suggesting that it is a bad thing to be fit are morons, its unhealthy to be fat. exercise and a good diet are good for you

  16. This guy looks good – just like a guy who plays real sports instead of doing “body sculpting” in the gym. I’m a world class athlete and though I’m built lean, six-pack, etc, in general, guys who actually build muscle for performance (rather than show) never look as perfect as most gay guys I see. And they don’t give a fuck. Most flabby-looking pro football players can out run, out lift, and out last the fittest-looking guys on this site. They’re building muscles, not accessorizing.

  17. to all you bitchy lil girls who split an M&M and call it a meal: glad you don’t like him–he’d prolly think ur nothin but a sterotypical homo (using nice word) anyway…just shut up, every pot has a lid.

  18. I know I already commented but I just can’t stop revisiting this post. The things I’d do to this boy’s ass… he wouldn’t be able to walk for weeks!!

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