Everything Butt: A Triple Dose of Island Studs

What’s better than one scrumptious, fuckable ass? Multiply by three, and you’ll have your answer. We were having trouble choosing from the men above for our Everything Butt series. After a careful amount of consideration, we decided to say “fuck it” and post them all.

The first item on our menu is Hank, a charming daddy type with a smile that drives us absolutely wild! We’d throw our legs in the air for him without hesitation, but he’d have to pry us away from his hairy hole first. Do you think he’d be opposed to a flip-fuck?

Our next course comes in the form of Kawika, another one of Island Studs‘ most popular models. If Hank’s smile made us melt, this guy’s chessy grin makes us boil. We’re not sure which part of him we’d rather kiss! Though you can probably guess which way we’re leaning…

Lastly, we’ve got Trent. Though he may not hold the same appeal as the first two, this kid has got a serious ba-donk-a-donk. That’s the type of ass that jiggles when you thrust into it, made for grabbing and spanking as you pound away. You gotta love it!

So you know what we’ve got to ask–which one of these guys would you rather have in bed? Feel free to answer “all of the above”, though I’d like to hear how you’ll handle all those hungry butts at once!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Island Studs

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28 thoughts on “Everything Butt: A Triple Dose of Island Studs

  1. This is disappointing, I’m obviously in the minority. I remember when I use to look forward to these posts, but recently all the guys have been mediocre, especially this week. =/

  2. I’m thinking Trent first…then I’d have to decide between Hank and Kawika…but it would have to be Trent first.

  3. I would allow any of them to sit on my face too or any one of them could fuck me I love to rim ass and I love to suck cock and I love to get fucked good . Hank Or Trent come get me man

  4. Hank’s ass is just begging to be rimmed, but if I have to choose one, I’m taking Trent. That hole looks tight, tight, tight!

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