Elite’s Aron Piper Has Gay Hookup in Netflix’s ‘Mess You Leave Behind’

We aren’t quite sure exactly when Elite is coming back to us. The Spain-based Netflix series is one of our favorites with Omander — the relationship portmanteau for the onscreen gay couple Omar and Ander — as one of our favorite pairings. Last month, it was announced that production had wrapped on season four. Theoretically, this could mean that they could push the show out by March, putting it in the same schedule that season three had. Or, they could return to the original schedule and wait until this fall. But until then, Aron Piper, the actor who plays Ander, has another role to keep us busy.

While Omar Ayuso (who plays Elite‘s Omar) keeps us extremely entertained over on his Instagram, Piper’s latest project was recently released. Also a Spain-based Netflix project, the limited-series has been dubbed The Mess You Leave Behind in the U.S. while in Spain the name translates to After You, Chaos. It’s important for us to acknowledge here that we haven’t seen the show at all. But, thanks to previews and chatter online, we know we want to!

The project is from Carlos Montero, who is one half of the creative duo behind Elite and as such, many have pointed out similarities. Both are thrillers set in Spanish schools. The new project is an adaptation of Montero’s novel of the same name which won a Primavera Literature Award. It follows a teacher who comes to a new school in order to find out that the person she was replacing committed suicide. The details of the death become murky as the teacher finds out more about it. 

In photos and video footage we’ve seen circulating around social media, Piper’s character Iago makes out with Roque Ruiz’s character Roi Fernandez in a shower. Given that we haven’t seen the show, we aren’t quite sure if this is a commentary on Iago’s sexuality or is instead a fantasy or dream of Fernandez’s — or even a lie he is spinning. Elsewhere, in the same show, there’s a much-circulated kiss between Iago and Viruca played by Barbara Lennie. We’ll have to watch and report back on that.

But outside of this, there is some LGBTQ+ inclusion that the series has been applauded for. Actress and writer Abril Zamora plays the role of Tere, a trans character. On social media, some have remarked on how the character does not have a storyline based on her gender, almost trans characters do. All of this falls within the expectations Elite has set for Montero projects, as nuanced and inclusive, while also being indisputably bingeable.

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