Drawn To You: Mozart Guerra

Don’t Fellate The Sculptures! That’s the title of a new movie produced by Manhunt Daily, inspired by artist Mozart Guerra and Cookie Monster. Just kidding. We’re too busy blogging to make movies (otherwise my idea for an all-male a cappella gangbang flick “Cockapella” would already be in the works).

But back to the point at hand. Brazilian sculptor Mozart Guerra makes fantastically detailed creations out of nothing but nylon rope. Once again, this is one of those editions of Drawn To You that may not give you a physical boner, but it’ll definitely give you an aesthetic boner.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Mozart Guerra

To check out more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

(via Fubiz)

44 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Mozart Guerra

  1. Not my thing, but I do like the last one with the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys – nice take on that!

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