Drawn To You: Achraf Amiri & Dirk Alexander

Today’s edition of Drawn To You features a collaboration between illustrator Achraf Amiri and photographer Dirk Alexander. It’s almost like a sexier version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, except with a naked man taking the place of Jessica Rabbit’s titties.

If you’re capable of removing your eyes from the gorgeous male specimen, we encourage you to absorb these images as a full composition. The interactions between the live model and drawn character are actually quite creative. Since we know you’re picky about labels and definitions, would you qualify this as “art”?

– Dewitt

To check out more from Achraf Amiri and Dirk Alexander, follow the JUMP:

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9 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Achraf Amiri & Dirk Alexander

  1. Wow… these are just stunning. I love the combination of photography and drawing. There’s a fantasical element here- namely the a lot of people wish drawings would come to life. Very cool.

    Oh yes, he’s hotter than he’ll, too lol!

  2. To me, this didn’t conjure up an image of Roger Rabbit, but an X-rated version of the “Opposites Attract” video, ahaha!

  3. The combination is really great. And one thing for sure is the fact that I’m really “drawn” to that live model.

  4. he is mother fucking hott…cute tite bod, n luv his sweet ass…eat him up…n the art combo is great…

  5. Very nice, and definitely art. There’s a lot of interplay between real and cartoon, buff and emasciated, male and female that is an interesting comment on gay notions of the ideal body

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