Drawn To You: Here’s The Trailer For “Tom Of Finland”

They made a Tom of Finland bio-pic! And it doesn’t look half bad! Tom of Finland, aka Touko Laaksonen, was the artist who dared to create beautiful art depicting leathermen in all sorts of situations. He faced censorship and exile for introducing the world to a certain version of gay love that they weren’t ready for! Tom passed away in 1991 at the age of 71. Finnish actor Pekka Strang plays Tom, and the film comes out sometime in 2017. Seriously, the soaring orchestral score almost made me emotional (that’s hard to do, cuz’ I have a heart of stone). Watch the trailer for Tom of Finland below.

Michael “I once jerked off to a Tom of Finland drawing I found in a wet magazine in the woods at the age of 12” Xavier






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