Did Ricky Martin’s BF Force Him Out The Closet?

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Rumor has it that Ricky Martin's brave decision to admit that he's a "fortunate homosexual man" wasn't something he was ready to do. The Miami Herald reports, "We hear rumblings that the reason Martin stopped living his (rather badly concealed) lie was that his boyfriend, a fellow Puerto Rican, was tired of living in hiding and threatened to expose his sexuality."

Yikes! It's one thing to have the media pressuring you to come out of the closet, but your own boyfriend blackmailing you? That doesn't sound like a very positive situation. No matter what the case may be, we sincerely hope that Ricky's happy with his decision. Perhaps him and his boyfriend can reveal how much they're not hiding by releasing a sex tape? Just a thought.

– Dewitt

58 thoughts on “Did Ricky Martin’s BF Force Him Out The Closet?

  1. Could you blame the guy? Having to pretend to be straight with your obviously GAY celebrity boyfriend? It’s not like anyone with gaydar could not already tell. I say the boyfriend finally got some self respect in making him come out. The blackmail is questionable at best, but I think it turned out fairly well. 😀

  2. I have no issues with Ricky Martin other than he will never let me fuck him. Sigh! But honestly, who cares about his decision to come out. It was hardly a major revelation unlike the Tiger Woods or Sandra Bullock scandals. He is a cutie but other than that????


  4. oh jeez, the media would do n write anything to sell papers.
    if that was the case, why would anyone stay with this so called blackmailing BF?
    fuck that!

  5. Please… he’s writing a book, and this is just more ways to stay in the media with a dead career. She Bangs.

  6. I agree with latinmasc….I’d come out of the closet then dump the BF and in his case focus on his kids for a while…That’s almost as bad as what Greg Louganis went through years ago.

  7. Well i always knew Rick martin was,since early age when he was part of the group call “Menudo”
    would suprise me if he said he’s straight!!!!!!

  8. What difference does it make why he came out. The very fact that he did is to be commended. The gay community should be supportive of him and not be scornful like a bunch of evil cunts.
    When I met him years ago during rehearsals at Carnegie Hall, he was one of the most kind and warmest people I’ve ever met.
    Cut the dude a break.

  9. I thought we knew he was gay years ago. If we didn’t know years ago good for him. If more entertainers came out it wouldn’t be such a big deal. They’re people too who should be able to be who they are, not what society wants them to be.

  10. Well i always think, closet is for clothes only, same big closet can hid a person but no for long. Stay out and happy with yourself,live your life happy and dont pay attention what the world think, nobody pay yours bill.

  11. the boyfriend can make it up to us, for wanting to backstab ricky like this by posing naked.
    fairs, fair.
    boyfriend is sexy, hot as hell

  12. I’m expecting an album to be released really soon (to cash in as much as possible).
    Looks like he was able to fool himself (only).

  13. Well we are in 2010 and people need to act like adults. It is not healthy for any relationship to hide and pretend to be someone else for the sake of $ or any baseless excuses. We are not in some repressed country and even more so if we do live in a ‘democracy’ we are all responsible to make our part to retain the freedoms that have been fought by our predecessors. There’s enough bs in the gay community already that would make tiger wood look like a saint and Mr Martin owes it to his lover to act like a human being and a responsible adult..regardless if he is a nice guy or a diva or whatever. 2010 people!

  14. okay yay for Ricky finally making the most unnecessary news flash of the year, but I’m sure it still wasn’t easy for him to do. I think with him writing his memoirs or whatever he probably realized he would have to come out one way or another or half of the stuff he was writing wouldn’t make any sense. I personally don’t see why any other reason would be necessary, the guy practically got a stutter and avoided the gay topic like a plague when he was a “sensation”

  15. Who cares why? Celebrate regardless the reason and let’s be sure to send him his free toaster!

  16. celebro esa decision de ricky y se le apoya con todo y sos un caballero con toda la plabra

  17. Well in retrospect its a hell of alot better way to come out to the public than say George Michaels and Pee Wee Herman did. Honestly can’t we as gays just applaud bravery when its there, instead of leveling catty rehetoric at a man who is an idol to millions not only here but in other countries around the globe?

  18. Did Pee Wee Herman come out?
    I know that he was arrested for flashing his privates in a porn theatre years ago.
    That was a totally scripted way for him to break his contract and for Paul to “kill” Pee Wee. But did he come out?

  19. Let’s all try to not engage in stereotypical behavior, men..!! The bf should be commended. It’s called loving suasion and encouragement, not blackmail. Being closeted is emotionally devastating. Guaranteed, he is happier this day, than he was last week…. C’mon guys, give the guy a break. Stop being harsh, judgemental, and self-loathing. The oppressed should never emulate their oppressors…. Welcum to the family, Ricky. Raise your boys well, as I have done with my son and daughter. Gay dads are the best!! “Fortunately” for me, I was adjudged to be the better parent, between my ex-wife and me. Ricky is teaching his sons, the value of truth and honesty, to ones character.

  20. wow, can’t believe how many bitter queens posting here with comments like ‘who cares’ and ‘it’s a publicity stunt’.

  21. I fail to see why anyone has a right to criticize Martin for deciding to come out now instead of 7-8 years ago. Everyone here knows that whether, how and when to come out is a personal decision that each man makes for himself. The only people Martin owes anything to in this situation is himself and his partner. Would it have helped the gay community if he had come out when he was at the top of the charts? Yes. But he had no more obligation to come out for the benefit of the whole community than any of the guys posting on this thread had such an obligation. Does he deserve praise for coming out after his career is well on the downslope? No. Does it help our community? A little. The more celebrities who come out, the easier it will be, regardless of when they come out. But progress will be slow. And frankly, I’d rather put energy into getting legal rights than bitching about the timing of some minor pop star’s decision to come out.

  22. Glad to see he finally came out of the closet! People always suspected his sexual orientation, from the begining. I knew when he used a surrogate for his sons, but it’s good to see him finally admit it. Always wanted to do him, now I know I stand a chance!!! lol HOT MAN!

  23. who care he was alway gay to me it like
    J Armani coming out LOL he must be have some cd coming out NO SURPEISE

  24. he might aswell of broke up with the bf if he didn’t want to come out…
    honestly, would you believe some random guy that accuses RM of being gay or would you just say “yeah, probably” like you used to say to every other random guy that accuses RM of being gay.
    (or alternatively, “It’s funny because it’s probably true” )

  25. I can understand the BF’s piont of view ….I’m just jealous that he gets to be with one of the prettiest men to ever live

  26. have you seen the boyfriend – if its the same guy in these pics, then ricky is a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky man.
    they make a hot pair.
    i think they owe us a sex tape or two, or three, hell maybe they can just release a whole series


  28. That guy with Ricky in the pictures posted is not his BF, but his brother Eric who’s a Personal Trainer here in San Juan.

  29. Ricky Martin is an anogram of
    “Ram t’in ricky”
    my name is an anogram of WHO GIVES A SHITE!. If more celebs came out then maybe it would be acceptable for other gays to get decent acting jobs, singing careers etc other than just playing pantomime dames or hosting shite supermarket game shows……..you know who you are!!

  30. oooh and what about brother eric, i demand dewitt and andy feature some shots from his personal training catalogue.
    he is sexy, is he single? David

  31. @BlockedUser: Saying someone is gay is not an “accusation.” By the way, while we’re at it, coming out is not an “admission.”
    Just sayin….

  32. Perhaps is was simply that the boyfriend told him he would leave him if he didn’t come out of the closet not out Ricky Martin

  33. We kind of already knew for almost a decade now that he was gay ever since his interview with Barbara Walters. Anyone else remember that? She asked him and he very awkwardly refused to answer. LOL I guess points for him for now lying, but at that point we all kinda knew.

  34. Can I just say that when the BF decided to enter into a relationship with Ricky Martin, he knew what the rules were. That he was in the closet and he’d have to go along with that. For whatever reason things have changed. Maybe he was fed up with the situation. But he is an adult and he made that decision years ago. If he is blackmailing him, or whatever you want to call it, then he’s being immature and should be an adult about it (note I didn’t say c*nt…oops).
    Anyway, what we have to understand is that Ricky Martin’s career was built around him gyrating his hips and the female audience lapped it up. That’s what his market was. Gay men played a part in his success, but in comparison, a small part. How many gay men do we know who are openly gay in the music industry (bar Elton and George who came out years AFTER they’d already made their names in music history) and internationally successful?
    Fact is these industries rely on young girls (teens) to buy the stuff. Because these audiences have a fantasy that they could one day see/date/marry their favourite stars.
    So what I’m saying is, I can understand why Ricky Martin was in closet. But so did his BF. He made a choice but now that he’s changed his mind, he should perhaps consider walking away. Because that baggage came with RM right from the beginning.
    Rant over.

  35. ahhhhhh,come on girls,he got out because something force him Do that,any reasons,maybe we never dont”know,just be realistic he was not honest he made a decission because he Doesn”t choices

  36. Ricky Marin wasn’t “brave” in coming out. “Brave” would have been coming out when he was actually popular and it would have made an impact, not now that his career is in the toilet and he wants to sell a book. “Brave” isn’t baldly lying every time you’re asked a direct question. Is it a tough decision? Sure. Do people have the right to stay closeted? Sure. But no gay star should be “protected” from outing when straight stars are not protected from being outed for GENUINELY bad behavior. If Martin had wanted to be closeted, he should have been private- the fact that he did absolutely nothing to hide his sexuality but still counted on the press to “protect” him is despicable. I THOUGHT we had nothing to be ashamed of? So why are we defending the idea that being gay is so shameful that gay celebrities get special rights to “privacy” that straight celebrities don’t have?

  37. What’s hilarious is those who would like to use Ricky Martin as the poster boy of the gay community! Simply put, the overt gay community does not speak to the diaspora of GLBTQ men and women of color. What’s interesting however is how his ethnicity and sexual identity is relegated to a fetish!

  38. Did Ricky Martin’s BF Force Him Out (Of) The Closet? come on, Dewitt- you guys really need to make sure you use your words! I didn’t even read most of these posts, because I know how vicious some of these queens can be.

  39. Isaac, I sure hope that English isn’t your first language- because if it IS, you need to go back to school. SHEESH!

  40. Let’s just be happy with Ricky’s decision. Besides, it’s already obvious before he spit it out.
    Honesty is the best policy, right? it takes a man to know a man….wahahahahahah

  41. How horrible most of you are!!!! I used to have some hope for the world….but if our community can’t be civil to each other, why should I expect the rest of the world to be. I applaud Mr. Martin for his decision and wish him the best in all things.

  42. well its good he finally made that decision it is completely up to him i guess, its a tough one, regardless of whether the bf had anything to do with it, dubious speculation at best. but i cant help wondering if the World Soccer Federation would’ve enlisted ricky for the World Cup theme song back in 199? if he was out then? Arrrhrm not!! may be this is somewhat mercenary in light of his career being over and writing his memoirs and needing to generate publicity, who knows. did he make all his money off young girl audiences under false pretenses? Well you could argue yes. i playing devils advocate here please there is no disdain in my voice ….. a dead giveaway was the fact he could dance that well, the barbara walters interview, and the surrogate kids was the last straw. anyway i wish him no ill will whats done is done, good luck mate ur damn hot there’s no doubt of that.

  43. I totally agree with Nikd London..If Ricky Martin has a BF the BF knew what the deal is…I would DTMF already if he hasn’t yet…as for the guy with him in the pix some say it’s his brother which I might also agree with since they look so much alike…both of them are very, very sexxxy!!!

  44. hola Ricky, me alegra que hayas decidido contarle al mundo tú preferencia sexual, eso fue muy valiente de tú parte, además no eres el primero ni serás el último gay del universo, no te dejes llevar por los malos comentarios que la gente hace de ti, eres un hombre común y corriente, pero con mucha fama, y la personas que hablan mal de ti o de cualquier persona que tenga otras preferencias sexuales a las que debe de tener, es una persona que no sabe lo que quiere y hasta son gay frustrados que hablan y escriben solo por q no pueden admitir sus gustos y eso les da mucha rabia, por hay gente que si lo hace y se siente bien, me alegra mucho saber que eres gay y que ahora puedes llevar y disfrutar de una vida agradable, tranquila y sin tapujos, te deseo la mejor suerte del mundo. que DIOS te proteja, te cuide y te de mucha suerte, y para adelante, para atrás ni para coger impulso, un abrazo muy especial Alex lozano, desde la dorada caldas Colombia

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