Aural Only: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

There's something wrong with Christina Aguilera's new single "Not Myself Tonight". As one of the most talented vocalists to emerge out of The Mickey Mouse Club, you have to wonder why she's wasting her time singing over a mediocre Timbaland beat (that isn't even an actual Timbaland beat) and panting all over the place like her former rival Britney Spears. The first couple of listens will leave you saying, "Girl, what in the hell do you think you're doing?"

And then you hear it a few more times. By the fourth time it reaches your ears, you'll be lip-synching along, touching yourself suggestively and not giving a fuck if someone catches you in the process. It unleashes the inner wolf that Shakira touched upon in "She Wolf", except it does it even better. Try not to listen to this at work, because it may result in you rubbing your nipples or attempting to finger-bang the person in the cubicle next to you. Not that I would know or anything…

– Dewitt

To listen to "Not Myself Tonight", follow the JUMP:

15 thoughts on “Aural Only: Christina Aguilera

  1. I actually really like it. Unlike Britney, she has the voice to do something like this–which has some strong vocal flourishes–and then sing a beautiful heartbreaking ballad. I’m really curious to hear the rest of the album. i also hope she doesn’t go back to her Dirrty phase because I prefer her sassy and sexy but definitely clean.

  2. Love Christina and love anything she does. Glad to see her get a bit more commercial/mainstream, while still proving that she has the pipes and the chops to sing rings around anyone else out there (except maybe Beyonce’).

  3. I really like this song. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but a decent song to jam to. It will be on my iPod for the next little while!

  4. Wow she’s still alive?
    I love how two years ago she was all ‘Who’s Lady Gaga? I don’t know whether it’s a he/she’ and yet Gaga took her spot in pop music.
    I’m on the fence about her return, I honestly don’t think there’s a place for her in pop music anymore. I’ve been wrong about a lot of things though, like Rihanna not getting a #1 from Rated R.

  5. The song is OK, not her best, but it’s not rubbish either. It might draw comparisons to the Gaga sounds, but it’s not definitely a Britney copycat. Besides, Britney doesn’t have talent and can’t sing. Christina does. I am looking forward to her new album with a more electronic sound.

  6. I really like it. It reminded me a bit of Traci Lords “Control” in the very beginning. I like it when Christina doesn’t go overboard with the embellishments and just sings. Great track.

  7. Love it! Well, the beat anyways, I’ll have to let the track grow on me. I’m happy she’s actually making dance music, something worthwhile instead of just “Dirrty” (dancing-wise, because “Beautiful” is also great). But I’m not a big fan of hers. It annoying how she releases an album like every 5 years or something.

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