Did Cody Cummings Bottom For 5 Hot Male Models?

Retired gay-for-pay porn star Cody Cummings finally bottomed on the set of a PetitQ underwear video, an anonymous source tells Manhunt Daily. Our eye witness claims Cummings was so turned on by how his tan ass cheeks looked in the brand’s strange fabric contraption, and he just had to have everyone on the set take a turn on his virgin hole.

“He was always curious after simulating gay sex with Anthony Romero, Joey Hard and all those other models,” our source told us. “I guess something just snapped in him that day they were filming? As soon as the director yelled ‘cut’, he was down on his knees sucking off Jeff TetrealtKyle Goffney, Addison Graham, Jesse Alex and Eric Alexander. He rolled a condom onto one of their dicks, and the rest was all history!”

Executive producers and PetitQ co-founders Arthus & Nico could not be reached to verify this report, along with the rumors that they, too, joined in on the gangbang with director Brad Hammer, actor Sam Garfield and actress Jenna Angeloni‘s twelve-inch strap-on. However, multiple witnesses have stated that they saw Cody leaving the set with a huge smile on his face and a thick load of semen dripping from his lips.

– Dewitt

Watch the video in question and speculate on the integrity of Cody’s butthole below:



32 thoughts on “Did Cody Cummings Bottom For 5 Hot Male Models?

  1. This would be the gay story of the century. I personally don’t believe it. Cody’s too big of a dick to actually take a dick.

  2. Yeah, right – he’s going to do something for free that he would have been paid big bucks for… just a lie to drum up free publicity and word-of-mouth for this ad. Kinda stupid…

  3. THat is some really unflattering underwear. Those guys have great bodies and not one pair looked awesome on them. Plus it looked just plain uncomfortable.

  4. That is some ugly underwear. If I pulled a guy’s pants off I have a feeling I might start laughing. Honestly, how could you take someone serious when they’re wearing those? They had to put them on & say to themselves. “This looks good.” Lol!

  5. It looks like the underwear flattened the front and the back. Might come in handy for drag queens that aren’t in the mood to fully tuck.

  6. Yeah and while we’RE talking BULLSHIT why not also add that Cody Cumming will be taking a big 10 INCHER up his sweet tight ass as the main event of Sunday super bowl halftime show !!!

  7. That is the nastiest piece of underwear I have set my eyes upon. Even Tarzan wouldn’t wear this crap and the boy wears loincloth!!! What blind designer did this? had a bad day with scissors or was it stored in rat infested room? Any models didn’t even shave??
    All in all questionable

  8. Dewitt, You have to “let go” your obsession of Cody Cummings. Let the poor straight guy retire in peace. There are so many other hotter, eager performers who wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you all over with their assholes just to make you forget Cody. They would do in one afternoon everything that Cody wouldn’t do his whole gay porn career. Guess he followed Momma Rose’s advise “make ’em beg for it, then don’t give it to ’em”.

  9. for someone who takes so much care of his body (and aside from his epic douchery he has a great bod) Cody needs to seriously invest in some skincare…

  10. Obviously he’s being tongue-in-cheek to get page views but the thirst among gay men for this POS is real. He did gay-for-pay, meaning he is by nature unattainable. Work on your self worth y’all.

  11. Wait a minute! You love the underwear? Please, do tell why? I’m not wanting to make fun. I genuinely want to know why someone would love this underwear.

  12. After much Googling, I figured it out. His last name is Tetreault. And he has a good number of pics on twitter as @jeffytee.

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  14. I don’t believe it. I would have to actually see a cock in his ass before I would believe it. I was a member up until the drama with nextdoor studios. And as much as I would love to see him bottom. I don’t believe he ever has and will never do. Henderson why I left nextdoor studios

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