It’s Here, It’s Here! Colby’s Crew Is Live!


Anyone who has been following my posts since I took over Manhunt Daily this past summer has probably guessed that I like em’ beefy, burly, and big-butted. The solid slab dudes do it for me in a big way. Hence – my favorite porn god is Mr. Colby Jansen. I would have started a fan club but I was too busy tossing off to his work.

Ever since I first saw him fuck over at MEN, I have been in lust. Jansen reeks of randy masculinity, and the way he uses his solid muscularity to render his scene partners thoroughly fucked out has been the basis of some modern-day gay porn classics. And don’t even get me started on when he started to bottom! Colby Jansen bouncing his big bubble butt on cock! Apart from that, there is a down-to-earth, almost sweet quality about Colby that also comes through in his scenes.

And now, he’s got his own site – Colby’s Crew! You can watch brand-new Colby Jansen content in which he fucks and gets fucked by current porn superstars, as well as a new crop of sexy young men destined to become classics. Jansen has hand-picked (I’m pretty sure he used more than his hand) every single dude on the site for maximum hotness.

I was lucky enough this past summer to be on the set when Jansen filmed some of the scenes that make up the initial content of Colby’s Crew. It was quite a coup to watch my porn hero at work. Hence, Manhunt Daily is lucky enough to have behind-the-scenes, exclusive footage of Colby (and crew) to post this week as we celebrate the launch of Colby’s Crew. And there’s A LOT more to come as Colby’s Crew gets bigger and bigger.

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Michael “My life is complete now with the advent of Colby’s Crew” Jansen

Press “PLAY” to watch the teaser below.


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