Chris Evans Rides the Subway with No Pants

Chris Evans

Ever wanted to see what Chris Evans‘ cock would look like? Well, you’re not gonna see it here. This is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing his penis, not unless his acting career flops and he decides to do gay porn.

In any case, check out this photo from the latest issue of GQ where Chris is riding the subway with no pants on. Judging from the size of the blur, it seems he’s packing a big one.

– Andy

12 thoughts on “Chris Evans Rides the Subway with No Pants

  1. oh my.. im so in loved with Chris Evans. been waiting to see him on Captain America suit. He is uber smoking hot..!

  2. Why oh WHYYYYY couldn’t I be on that subway car that fateful day?!?! I sooooo wanna see that boy butt-ass naked. I’ve wanted to eat him up ever since his whip cream scene in “not another teen movie.” He’s proof that there IS a God..and that he IS a GOOD God!! That blur only serves to piss me off though.

  3. too bad they photoshopped the area between his legs before they added the pixelated blur, can’t see a damn thing, haha

  4. I’m sure he had something covering his dick. And the blur is probably a lot bigger than it needed to be. It’s almost to his knee. I doubt it.

  5. He looks like he was photoshopped onto that train picture.. he would look better bent over with his hairy ass spread for the camera.

  6. Looks like he has his boxerbriefs on. There’s a band on his right thigh and under the shirt you can see it on the left too.
    Ya the guy is sexy, but not that great of an actor. Agree, not a good choice for playing C.A..

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