Chris Evans Naked On Set

Remember that time that actor Chris Evans got fucked on camera for the first time? It was so awesome watching him take two dicks in each end, and the poolside locale made it even hotter. Seriously, I wish I had been there when they were filming that scene!

What’s that you say? That was actually Bel Ami model Kris Evans who took it up the butt? Oops, we’re so embarrassed that we confused the two of them! While you’d probably have trouble finding a video of Chris Evans getting tag-teamed by two hot twinks, you won’t have any difficulty seeing pictures of his butt. How are we so sure of this?

Duh, because they’re right here. The actor was recently caught naked on the set of his upcoming movie What’s Your Number?, showing off his booty alongside costar Anna Faris. Coincidentally, this leads to the same exact reaction–I wish I had been there when they were filming that scene!

– Dewitt

To check out the butt pics, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view:

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14 thoughts on “Chris Evans Naked On Set

  1. I find it amusing his publicist won’t let him do anymore sexy shirtless photos, but now he’s running around naked…maybe he got a new publicist who knows sex sells?

  2. Damn I’d love to get him, his gay brother, and Anna Faris is bed all at once!

  3. Oh for pity sakes! He shaves his chest.. Oh my! He’s just went from hot to ugly… GET A LIFE, YOU QUEENS!
    He’s hot! PERIOD! Shaved chest and all!

  4. Didn’T he co-star N cellular with Kim Basinger ? BTW Sarefin I really don’t think Chris could gives a S**T !!!

  5. He is hot, but you know… I really find his brother hotter. Don’t shoot the messenger lol.

  6. Unfortunately I found out that is not Chris Evans ass ;( Tear ~ that is a body double for him and his co-star in that scene!

  7. Chris Evans – along with Ryan Reynolds – is the hottest man in the world. Those two together is the perfect fantasy!

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