Check Out The Bubble Butt On Roodrigo21

It’s down below. Damn, you could play bongos on those buttcheeks. This is Roodrigo21. He’s from Chile and he wants you to repeat after him:

“dicen – MONSTERCOCKMONST‚ÄčERCOCKMOSTERCOCK” – taken from Roodrigo21’s Manhunt profile.

Say it. Love it. Live it.

Oh, he also wants it “hard and deep”. You’re going to HAVE to go hard and deep to reach the center of that badonka donk. I WANT IT ON MY FACE. And fuck y’all who disagree with me, but he doesn’t have to shower after his workout before he puts it there. You perch that hot, sweaty ass on my mug, Roo. And I’ll give you all the MONSTERCOCKMONSTERCOCKMOSTERCOCK you want.

To see more of Roodrigo21‘s pics, check out his profile.

– J. Harvey







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