Check Out Jesus Luz’s Penis!


An outtake from Madonna and Jesus Luz's photo shoot for W Magazine has just leaked, and it features the Queen of Pop's boyfriend rockin' out with his cock out. No, you didn't misinterpret that. I'm talking full-frontal nudity. And you're just seconds away from seeing his flopping wang.

Well, technically there isn't much that's "flopping". Jesus must really be a grower, because I can't imagine Madge fucking around with any small dicks. Then again, do you even need to be packin' inches when you're this beautiful? ::sigh:: She's one lucky cougar…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Steven Klein

To see Jesus Luz's penis, follow the JUMP:

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31 thoughts on “Check Out Jesus Luz’s Penis!

  1. I think he’s sexy no matter what. Besides, it may have been cold on that photo shoot… (Of course, I’m a top, so dick size doesn’t matter to me)

  2. I can work with that…no problem…from the picture it looks about 3 inches flacid and he could probably get it up to about 6 or 7.

  3. she looks like an old italian grandmother …even after having a facelift..and i’m surprised at his small dick,,thought she was a size queen

  4. im compleatly sure thats a fake…. madonna´s agent never let a picture like this go out… wheres photoshop when u need it….

  5. Poor Jesus……or is that Jesus? The body is hot, but the crotch is lacking in dick size & girth as well as ballsack. But, hey, with the way he looks, it hardly matters.
    As for “Madge,” this is another horrible pic. She has no neck, her lower jaw is drawn in, her eyes look tired & dark. They need Tyra Banks to give her posing advice.
    Maybe the photo was intended to be some type of irony. If not, it’s scary for both parties involved!!!!

  6. I am with U Dak1975 all about the ASS !! Madge reminds me of one of those aging celebrities who R desperately trying 2 hang onto the past .

  7. Then again this pic could have been photoshopped to make his cock smaller in an effort to embarrass either one or both of them.

  8. I get so tired of whoever posts these pics making comments about it being small and not packin. THing is that is what most men are. That is not small. If that is small then 90 percent of the men in the world are small. And the comment about her not fucking with anything small. Six or seven is sufficient to provide pleasure and that is not small.

  9. Hooray for Madonna! She goes after and still gets the young studs. She just looks tired in the photo. Good but tired. every beautiful person has a bad day. Maybe she had a very busy morning.

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