ChaosMen: Michael With The Good Hair And Sean Peyton Flip-Fuck

You like flip-fucking, right?

Michael had no problems topping or bottoming, while Sean, surprisingly, struggled to take Michael’s 8-inch cock. Sean struggled initially to take his cock, and I thought something else was wrong since I had never seen him have to go slow. Sean said, “Well, he DOES have big cock!”

Sean will teasingly brag about what a big Bottom he is, but that day, at least initially, he met his match.

Michael got fucked next, and he took it like a champ. I love seeing him sprawled on his back, his hairy bush standing-out against his hairless body, and of course seeing his hard cock bounce around as Sean rams him in the ass!

Next, Michael fucks Sean on his back. He gets real close to cumming so he juices his hole. Michael then fucks him with his cum, racing to make Sean cum before losing his boner. Success!

Sean spills one of his biggest loads ever, so Michael gives it a little taste!

Me, too. (Oh, and Michael’s luscious locks aside, Sean Peyton’s HAWT.) Click here for more!

Michael Xavier


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