Celebrity Skin: Sam Trammel

True Blood‘s Sam Trammel doesn’t get enough credit. He’s a good-looking guy! It’s just that he’s overshadowed by his INCREDIBLY good-looking co-stars. Trammel plays the shapeshifting Sam Merlotte, one of Sookie’s best pals, her boss, and the man who is hopelessly in love with her oft-times annoying ass. It’s the reason he doesn’t fire her! It’s not like the bitch is a good employee. She takes A LOT of PTO, whether it to be running off to Dallas to save ancient vampires or visiting Shreveport to cocktease werewolves.

Oh, back to Sam. Anyway, if you ever wanted to see his cock (and perhaps own a microscope), here ya go!

– J. Harvey

To see Sam Trammel’s dick (or is that his big toe?), Follow the JUMP:

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Skin: Sam Trammel

  1. Should have had him on fuck marry or block. Marry in a heartbeat. If he’s so sweet to Sookie, who’s a fucking CUNT, imagine how nice he’d be to a decent human being šŸ˜‰

  2. I met him at Comicpalooza here in Houston, Tx. He’s really nice and I got his autograph. Love him!

  3. Towards the end of last season it was nice 2 see Sam stand up 4 himself and stop taken everyone SHIT and I hope this season Sam will find someone that kind of makes Sook-ie jealousĀ Ā . I wish I had read the book because than I would have some idea as 2 what the next season is going 2 bring ….

  4. BLACKjack – read the books, they’re amazing! Ā The show usually combines a couple of books and venture off the trail a bit but very good reads!

  5. You know what? Those pics don’t even look like Sam. They sorta look like Chris Kattan from SLN. Or, it could be thatĀ vampire on the show who abducted Tara and put a spell on her so she wouldn’t leave him. The guy in this pic looks more latin. Look at those darker nipples. Plus, if you’ll notice, none of the major characters reveal their peens.
    I do think Sam is hot, and I’d love to have some m2m fun time with him!!

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