9 thoughts on “Can We Please Put Bryan Safi On The A-List?

  1. Cool, I like how we think we’ve made advances as a community, but Logo is basically televising the equivalent of a minstrel show. It’s awesome.

  2. The A-list is certainly a guilty pleasure that’s just full of hot messes. I can only imagine how icky it must feel for Reichen to be the “star” of the show and get shot down like that in both his professional and personal life. Of course, the more you see of him the more you realize that he really is King of the Hot Mess Kingdom. Sexy, hot…total mess. Good luck to Bryan on being the next gay over-sharer.

  3. The sad part is, I ran into Reichen at a bar here in NYC and he likes it. In fact, he posted a video on his facebook page about it – sad because I did like him…before that….

  4. Oh, come on, the A-List is horrible, but funny. It’s no worse, nor no better than any of the “Housewives of …” shows on. And a least it’s something new on Logo, not another rerun, or re-hash.

  5. Are you kidding me? I love the A-List and the truth is the show is a total reflection of a gay culture. Love it or hate it, but that is how the mainstream gay acts. Superficial, Full of void-ness and no tangible ambitions. But still I love the show anyway.

  6. I agree it’s definitely a guilty pleasure & quite entertaining to see how these guys give out every single sterotypical aspect of gay lifestyle in an hour’s time…1 of my absolute favorites & as a matter of fact, my boss’s love interest is gonna be on the Los Angeles edition…look 4 me guys…lol!!!

  7. omg. the A-list is just dumb-ass, reality television. it’s not supposed to represent the entire gay community just like the jersey housewives don’t represent all of new jersey housewives or women. jeez, bitches, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! i agree that it is a totally, guilty pleasure of mine (or, not so, guilty)! luvs it!!

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