Bruno Mars, You Better Stick Those Fingers Up IN Me & Make My Down-There Parts Whistle!

I have it on good authoritay that Bruno Mars wrote his new treasure “Treasure” about Ms. Boulangerié Knowles‘ supreme royal TWAT, and every smart bitch at the party knows that the song’s about to be DICK-slapping Robin Thicke and Macklemore from the top of the Billboard charts. Here’s a visual demonstration of what those hot motherfuckers are gonna look like all DOWN on their knees:

Logan Vaughn gets cock slapped by Angel Rock

Ooh, child, and let me TELL you! They’re gonna like it. Bruno’s dick has got that old school soul magic up IN it, and while Boulangerié isn’t one to kiss and tell, my cousin’s hairdresser’s cousin Pâtisserié Rowland done told me that he will fuck you like you’ve NEVER been fucked before and sing sweet songs all UP into your butthole. That’s right, honey! You heard it here first. Bruno Mars LOVES to toss that salad.

(But you didn’t heard that from ME! I’m no gossip folk.)

Boulangerié Knowles

Put your speakers up on your taint and let Bruno’s vibrations rock your DICK:



7 thoughts on “Bruno Mars, You Better Stick Those Fingers Up IN Me & Make My Down-There Parts Whistle!

  1. Who is “Boulangerié Knowles”? Is it a tranny guest writer Beyoncé fan?

    Boulangerie in french means bakery! “Boulangerié” sounds like the person who chose that name tried to sound posh/french and thought adding an accent on the E would make it a name(as opposed to a bread factory) , and edgy.

    It’s neither of these 2 things! 😮

    What next? Mashpotato Dujardin? 😐

  2. I’m not the biggest fan of Boulangerié, but just to play devil’s advocate, who is “hd”?

  3. god no!
    bruno mars is fucking ugly as hell
    and he can’t sing, doesn’t write anything himself, or play instruments
    why the fuck is he famous!?!? it pissed me off so damn much!

  4. I was just too lazy to type a long ass username everytime!!

    HD I guess stands for Heroic Dicking, that’s how they call me back home in Texas!

  5. All this is true but then again you shouldn’t really take what someone called ‘Boulangerié’ says too seriously!

  6. I’m going to assume you’re either being sarcastic or you’re ignorant and don’t know how to use The Internet properly. While ‘ugly’ is subject, facts are not. Bruno Mars write all of his songs (with an occasional cover). He not only writes his OWN songs, he writes songs for others. He plays 4 instruments and sings beautifully. He can dance and puts on a high energy fabulous live stage show.

    So what the ACTUAL FUCK are you talking about?

  7. I’m glad someone responded to this. I didn’t have the energy, since I’m not the biggest fan of the timbre of Bruno’s vocals, but I LOATHE when people make narrow and, frankly, inaccurate dismissals of artists’ talent.

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