Britney Spears Needs A New Graphic Designer

Earlier this month, we revealed that Britney Spears' fourth single off of Circus would be "Radar". While it was weird that she's releasing a song that appeared on her last album Blackout, it's even weirder that the cover art for the single is so absolutely horrendous.
This shit looks like it was based off of some 14 year-old's homemade Livejournal icon. Are they for real with that font? This is worse than Ashley Tisdale's new album cover, and I didn't even think that was possible. How much did they pay someone to do this? They should have just had Sean Preston design it!
– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Needs A New Graphic Designer

  1. OK… it’s not all that good… but come on – coming from the people who designed THIS website? If you’re such connoisseurs of good design, why not start here and clean this mess up?

  2. Does anyone else look at this and see a target placed lovingly between poor Britney’s eyes? Looks like someone is taking aim…

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