Britney Spears Goes Deeper Than The Dick That SHOULD Be Fucking Me Right Now!

Congratulations, I have arrived! Your favorite music lover and proud chub bottom, Gay Duncan, has taken a break from my busy Manhunt dick-swallowing itinerary to come and rescue you from the lesser talents of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. That’s right, bitches! I was supposed to be getting gang-fucked like this with three hung tops this morning, but I sacrificed my own hole’s happiness to come here and tell you about the fiercest, most incredibly iconic and obviously most talented living artist known to man and womankind alike, Britney Jean Spears.

Multi-tasking like a fierce bitch should!

What you see above is what I should be doing right now!!! But Britney Jean is so important to who I am as a real gay man that I canceled my 8:00am appointment to talk about her flawless new single “Perfume”. It’s okay, though! I have another guy coming over at 9:00am and another one penciled in for 10:00am. Hopefully, there’s some overlap between the two… Wink wink! I love getting tag-teamed and treated like a useless cum dump slut.

Speaking of things that are useless, any haters who deny the greatness of “Perfume” are probably deaf in both ears and should die of syphilis-related complications. This is Britney Jean at the highest point in her career—vulnerable, deep and showing a little insecurity. Oh, and can we talk about those vocals!?!?! They are so iconic that they slay me.

Alright! I think I’ve said everything that needs to be said. The true music lovers don’t even need me to say anything, because duh, everything Britney Jean does is better than your faves. Now that we’ve established such important facts, I’m gonna go take a few hits of poppers and lube up my boy pussy before the next gentleman caller arrives.

Gay Duncan

Listen to the living legend’s groundbreaking new single “Perfume” below:



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