Bright Light Bright Light: “Moves”

Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light is quite the looker! There are hot shirtless dudes in his new music video! He is friends (and collaborators) with Del Marquis from Scissor Sisters!

I felt it was important to get these mundane facts out of the way, lest you were too shocked by them to focus on the music itself. Back in 2012, Rod released the best electro-pop album you probably haven’t heard, Make Me Believe In Hope. Though it was championed by pop music critics and fans alike, I’d argue that it never quite got the attention it deserves.

“Moves” is the final single from that album, and thanks to MuuMuse, I managed to catch this beautifully choreographed clip (that, I promise you, doesn’t just use shirtless men as a gimmick). Now, if this isn’t enough to get you on the Bright Light Bright Light bandwagon, then I don’t know what is… To paraphrase my horribly irritating co-blogger Boulangerie Knowles, you all need to “get right with your life and hop on Rod Thomas’ DICK”. Metamaphorically.

– Dewitt

Watch the beautiful new music video for “Moves” below:



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