Brandon Wilde Finally Convinces Kory Houston

Kory Houston and Brandon Wilde are roommates while working together at a hotel. Brandon keeps trying to get Kory to sleep with him but Kory keeps insisting that Brandon just isn’t his type. Persistent yet playful Brandon finally gets Kory into bed with him. They engage in the naughtiest boy on boy sex. From deep dick sucking, to slamming each other’s tight assholes! Tonight is only about hard-core fucking and cum bursting fun!

“Cum bursting fun?” SIGN ME UP. Brandon Wilde reminds me of a friend I had in high school. He was first base on our baseball team. And he had an ASS. It was a bubble butt. And his dick print was often prevalent in his jeans. My recurring fantasy that junior year in high school was that I’d get to see him in a jockstrap. And then out of it. I used to jerk to that nightly. So Brandon Wilde makes my dick twitch like you wouldn’t believe. Oh, this always happens. I feel bad for the other guy in the scene that I’m not drooling typographically about. Kory Houston is fiery hot as well. With a lickable bod and a sweet dick! (Don’t hate me, Kory!) Click here for more!

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