Big Hunky Men In Uniforms

That’s how the Keith the lovely Titan rep described Bad Cop 2! And damn, if he wasn’t right!

At his locker, tall Dakota Rivers is approached by a smiling Jeremy Spreadums. Some taser play stings Jeremy, with Dakota offering to kiss and make it better. “You can fucking kiss this!” demands Jeremy, whipping out his cock. Dakota slurps the uncut slab, then feeds him his loaded gun. Jeremy deep throats him, his lips sliding down to the base to Dakota’s tight balls as he reaches up and rubs the jock’s huge chest. Dakota eats and fucks the bottom from behind (“Fuck, that’s a big dick!”). Jeremy sits down on him—the bottom’s rock-hard dick slamming against his own abs. He gets on his back, shooting on his chiseled stomach before Dakota douses his dick.

Jeremy Spreadums has sat on a lot of dicks. That’s not slut-shaming – that’s fact! After watching this scene, I’m guessing Dakota Rivers made his “Top 10 Dicks I’ve Sat On” list. Click here for more!

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