Bel Ami Throws A Helluva NYE Party

New Year’s Eve parties are usually a bust. If you don’t have a date, you feel like a loser at midnight. If you DO have a date, there’s always the chance that your later-on fuck game might be in danger of champagne dick. Also, the drive home is terrifying. It’s amateur night and no one wants to be scraped off the highway cuz’ of some dickhead drunk. Before this becomes some sort of maudlin NYE story, or anti-drunk driving PSA, Bel Ami threw an orgy. This is the kind of party I want to be at on New Year’s Eve.

This is the second part of a two-part scene that debuted on Bel Ami’s Freshmen spin-off and is concluding here. Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Felix Gaul and Liam Efronm writhe and fuck in a tangle of asses and dicks. It’s super-hot, and jizz ensues. As it does. You can see the teaser and pics below, and watch the whole scene at Bel Ami.

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