Beefy Fuckers: I Really Need Ashton McKay To Bottom

Ashton McKay sends me places wherein I think the load I blow might knock pictures off my wall. He’s young, beefy, and startlingly sexy.

Hi Ashton!

BUT HE DOESN’T BOTTOM. Right? (Unless I missed something. That’s why I keep you guys as my porn detectives.) His bubble butt NEEDS a dick in it.

Don’t get me wrong. His topping of Scott Riley is masterful, and their scene is hot. Their youth really makes this one. “Youth” doesn’t have to mean “twink” and watching two young men fuck to beat the band – their vitality is so damn hot.

Check out more from Men’s Reverse Peeping Tom below, and you can see all of Ashton (just take one dick, dude, please?) and Scott’s fuck session here.

Michael Xavier

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