Barry Keoghan Joins Gladiator 2

He may not have picked up an Oscar this past weekend, but Barry Keoghan is seeing no slowing of his career momentum. According to Giant Freakin Robot (whose story has since been confirmed by the big trade mags), he’s now in talks to join Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel.

Assuming he locks down a deal, Keoghan would join fellow first-time Oscar nominee Paul Mescal in the film, which Scott is gearing up to make to continue the story of his 2000 epic.

Set years after the events of that film, it’ll find Mescal playing a grown version of the character Lucius, as brought to life by Spencer Treat Clark in the original. Keoghan is in line to be the primary antagonist, Roman Emperor Geta (a fictional take on a real-life ruler).

David Scarpa’s behind the script and the ever-prolific Scott is looking to have this one in cinemas for 22 November next year.

Via Empire Online

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