Aural Only: Taylor Swift

Is it even worth posting a new music video by Taylor Swift? That’s what we asked ourselves this morning, as we sifted through potential selections for today’s edition of Aural Only. Sure, there’s no denying that Swift’s a country-pop superstar with three multi-platinum albums. But do you guys actually care about her? The comments on previous entries have suggested a pretty obvious answer–“Not so much”.

Most folks were quick to dismiss her lead single “Mine” as boring, and it only lasted one week on our Weekly Top Ten. Though she defeated Kanye West in an “I’mma let you finish” showdown, her track “Speak Now” suffered a similar fate on our countdown. And don’t even get us started on her album review! One of you went as far to call it a “waste of blog space”.

Yet even in the midst of all this negativity, a few fans have been willing to defend Ms. Swift. So tell us, brave few, why should we include “Back To December” on the Weekly Top Ten if nobody will vote for it? Is it because she’s not banging Jake Gyllenhaal anymore, and people will be less jealous that she gets to grab his cute butt while he fucks her? Or is it because this is legitimately a good song? We’re willing to accept either response.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Back To December”, follow the JUMP:

15 thoughts on “Aural Only: Taylor Swift

  1. i love taylor….i actually got to see her perform this live in central park for her thanksgiving special….and it was really good. shes reallly sweet.

  2. This girl is fast becoming hardest working slut in the music industry. She seems to be working her way through men faster than she can write songs about them. Perhaps it’s to deflect attention from the fact her live performances are terrible.

  3. For the next Aural Only, I think you should have Pink’s new song:

    Fucking Perfect – CD Version
    Less Than Perfect – Radio Version

    It just shot up to #57 on the billboard hot 100.

  4. I don’t care about her personal life. Her last few songs have been a little underwhelming but I like this one.

  5. All of her songs sound alike, and Jake’s butt is nothing out of the ordinary, actually a little flabby for someone so young, but he is cute

  6. Okay, I asked myself why I didn’t like any of Taylor’s music. I seem to like HER. She’s pretty and talented and seems very nice. Then it hit me; she’s a little girl singing about little boys. Why would any man want to listen to that? I do wish her the best of luck… but I haven’t bought any of her music and from this video, I still won’t.

  7. It sounds like a slow version of “You Belong with Me…” I guess this is the sequel, because at 20, how can she really know what is true love.
    It’s the same 3 chords repeated over and over…plus, this does not highlight her vocal range, especially since, this is basically a power ballad. I wonder how much better this song could be if Faith Hill, Martina McBride or Carrie Underwood recorded it.

  8. I’m not a fan, but she sure is successful and rich for such a short career, and actually, I sort of like this song more than anything else of hers I’ve heard, and she does know how to write a song with a hook chorus.

    Mostly, though, I’d like to see the cute guy in this video naked and taking it on all fours.

    And I agree with the comment above that this song would be a lot more impressive with Faith Hill singing it.

  9. I have a very irrational hatred of everything about her. A little bit like I have for John Cusack and Nicholas Cage. Everything these three do seems terrible to me. I’d prefer three more Snookis.

  10. She is an amazing songwriter and a good “studio” artist but her live performances prove that she is not a very good singer.

  11. YES! This is the correct answer. I’m really surprised she hasn’t gotten more @#$% from mainstream media about how much worse she sounds live than her auto-tuned studio albums. Girl can write and is a marketing genius (or her people are), but to be put in the same category as some all-time great singers who have spent a lifetime in the industry is not right.

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